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Day 1: Saturday - Arrival in Salerno Your sailing journey along the Cilento Coast begins, as always, at our base in Salerno. Once you've completed the check-in, you can enjoy the charming and lively historic center of Salerno.

Day 2: Sunday - From Salerno to Agropoli (20 nautical miles) Your adventure will start from Salerno to Agropoli, a navigation of approximately 20 nautical miles. Along the way, you can enjoy the seascape and the salty air. Once you arrive in Agropoli, you can explore this fascinating coastal town with its characteristic streets, not forgetting the Angevin-Aragonese castle. In the evening, you can choose between dinner on board or a meal at local restaurants, savoring the delights of the Mediterranean diet.

Day 3: Monday - From Agropoli to Ogliastro (18) - Acciaroli (15) The day begins with a departure from Amalfi toward Ogliastro Bay, an exciting destination about 18 nautical miles away. During the journey, you'll make a refreshing stop at Punta Licosa, where you can swim and have lunch in a relaxing atmosphere. Acciaroli, a few miles further, is one of the most beautiful villages in the region and will surprise you with its authenticity and the beauty of its beaches.

Day 4: Tuesday - From Acciaroli to Marina di Camerota (20 nautical miles) During the navigation of approximately 20 nautical miles, you'll have the opportunity to admire the seascape and the characteristic cliffs and green mountains of the Cilento Coast. Once you arrive in Marina di Camerota, you'll discover the liveliest town in Cilento, full of beaches, picturesque streets, and delightful restaurants offering local specialties. Marina di Camerota provides a well-equipped harbor with services to make your stop even more comfortable.

Day 5: Marina di Camerota to Palinuro (5 nautical miles) Leaving Marina di Camerota behind, you can head to the beautiful Palinuro. The journey will captivate you with breathtaking coastal landscapes. Palinuro, your destination on the fifth day, is famous for its sea caves, which the more adventurous can explore independently. Once in Palinuro, you can enjoy the beauty of the beaches and the characteristic seaside village. In the evening, you can dine in the tranquility of this charming place.

Day 6: Palinuro to Santa Maria di Castellabbate (15 nautical miles) Santa Maria di Castellabbate will welcome you with its relaxing atmosphere and its medieval village overlooking the sea. Here, you can explore picturesque streets, savor typical dishes in local restaurants, and relax on the beach.

Day 7: Santa Maria di Castellabbate to Salerno (25 nautical miles) To conclude the week, from Santa Maria di Castellabbate, you will set sail for Salerno. The navigation will take you through enchanting coastal landscapes, with the opportunity to make a few stops for one last swim. Returning to Salerno, you can refuel at the Marina d'Arechi harbor or the nearby Masuccio Salernitano harbor.

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