Flotilla StarSail 2024: two weeks discovering Cilento and Amalfi coasts

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The flotilla is one of the most awaited events of the year at StarSail: even in 2024, we propose the updated itinerary for 3 weeks to discover our coasts.

As every year, StarSail offers its customers three weeks of flotilla, led by a flotilla leader who will guide and assist our customers in managing the itinerary and guided tours to make the most of every minute!

Our flotilla lasts a total of three weeks, during which we will alternate the Cilento itinerary with that of the Amalfi Coast and the islands. In this way, we will allow extending the experience by one week, avoiding customers to go through the same itinerary again.

We have already published the itinerary for the first week; now, we share with you the flotilla program for the remaining two weeks.

Here's how we have structured the 2024 flotilla in the two weeks!


Saturday: arrival at port, check-in.

Sunday: Depart Salerno to Nerano (12 nautical miles); mooring at buoy; evening at a beachfront restaurant;

Monday: Depart Nerano to Procida (26 nautical miles). Night in the port, Procida is a charming island with a picturesque village formed by variously colored houses;

Tuesday: depart Procida to Ischia Sant'Angelo (9 nautical miles), Sant'Angelo is a wide bay well sheltered from the prevailing winds. The village is small and peaceful with a good choice of restaurants. Night in the bay.

Wednesday: In the morning, relax in the bay; depart Sant'Angelo to Forio (5 nautical miles), another beautiful village on Ischia Island. The short distance allows the fleet to enjoy sailing while approaching the destination. Evening in the port.

Thursday: depart Forio d'Ischia to Positano (12 nautical miles), the fashion capital of the region. Night at buoy.

Friday: Depart Positano to Amalfi (7 nautical miles). Amalfi is the main center of the Divine Coast, as this fantastic region is usually called. In the afternoon, a walk in the village and a visit to the Cathedral. Possibility to organize a visit to the world-famous villas Rufolo and Cimbrone in Ravello (additional cost for the transfer and entrance - to be defined one month before the charter).

Saturday: Depart Amalfi to Agropoli (24 nautical miles); Agropoli is the first village of the Cilento Coast and one of the two largest towns in the region;

Sunday: Depart Agropoli to Acciaroli (16 nautical miles). Stop in Punta Licosa (8 nautical miles) or Ogliastro (9 nautical miles) for lunch and relaxation. Acciaroli is one of the most beautiful villages in the area, truly picturesque and well-maintained;

Monday: depart Acciaroli to Palinuro (Buondormire Bay - 15 nautical miles). Located between steep cliffs and lush vegetation, this breathtaking wilderness is accessible only by boat. Clear water, relaxing atmosphere, and enchanting landscape. Night in the bay;

Tuesday: Morning in Buondormire Bay. In the afternoon, depart Buondormire Bay to Scario (12 nautical miles); evening in the harbor. Infreschi Bay (5 nautical miles), one of the most beautiful bays in the Tyrrhenian Sea, a natural reserve of the Cilento Park, where anchorage is allowed only at buoy;

Wednesday: Depart Scario to Infreschi Bay (5 nautical miles). morning in the bay; after lunch, sailing along the coast. In the afternoon, depart Infreschi Bay to Marina di Camerota (4 nautical miles); evening in the harbor. Dinner at a very typical restaurant where you can taste delicious and original local food;

Thursday: Depart Marina di Camerota to Pioppi (18 nautical miles). Stop in Palinuro or Ascea for swimming and lunch;

Friday: depart Pioppi to Salerno (35 nautical miles); Stop in Punta Licosa for lunch and swimming. Check out; 

Saturday: re-delivery of the yacht; possibility to visit Pompeii in case of a flight departure after 2:00 p.m.

Why choose the StarSail flotilla?

The StarSail flotilla is an event itinerary that we have been planning for many years and of which we are particularly proud. Dozens of boats participate every year, filled with families and young groups of friends from all over Europe. Some of our loyal customers have never stopped coming to visit us, year after year, because we have found a way to make our itineraries always new.

Not only will we guide you towards intelligent and economical management of the week, but we will not miss the opportunity to show you the best of Cilento, with a special focus on the cuisine ;)

To discover the rest of the flotilla, click here or contact us!

We look forward to welcoming you in large numbers!